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A Love Affair in Hamilton Island

A Love Affair in Hamilton Island

Hellllooooooo ‘Straya!  We have landed in paradise, Hamilton Island.  This portion of our “mooniversary” is all about kickin’ back relaxin’.   We loved all of our adventures in New Zealand but here it is all R&R. However… That’s not how we…
New Zealand Day 8 & 9:  It's So Hard to Say Goodbye

New Zealand Day 8 & 9: It's So Hard to Say Goodbye

Today we have to turn in our home away from home.  The home that got us around the South Island.  The home that was always waiting for us at the end of each adventurous day.  The home we could not…
New Zealand Day 7:  Whale Watchin'

New Zealand Day 7: Whale Watchin'

Relaxed and rested we make our way to Kaikoura.    Today is the day we are going whale watching!  Today is also the first day of crappy weather we have experienced so far.  Apparently we should consider ourselves lucky as…
New Zealand Day 6: Natures Hot Tubs

New Zealand Day 6: Natures Hot Tubs

Today we arrive in Hamner Springs.   Hamner Springs is a great little town.  It has good shopping and of course thermal pools.  The thermal pools are what they are known for. So of course we take full advantage of these…
New Zealand Day 5: Glow Worms

New Zealand Day 5: Glow Worms

If you grew up in the 80’s then the mention of a glow worm may conjure up an image of a worm shaped doll that when squeezed it’s cute little head lite up.  Good concept wrong glowing end.  You see…
New Zealand Day 4: Glaciers and the Sea

New Zealand Day 4: Glaciers and the Sea

If you enjoy hikes then do this.  If you don’t then do a drive by, wave and say hi! Don’t get me wrong this is still a true wonder it just wasn’t as wondrous as it’s made out to be.…

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We wander because neither one of us know how to sit still. It's true. And putting our energy into travelling is far more exciting than cleaning the house. Seriously though, we both share a desire and passion to get out and soak in the wisdom of the world. Experience and devour new places, cultures and adventures. Capture their beauty and share their stories. Get inspired. Learn. Move outside of our everyday bubbles. Be reminded that so much more exists beyond our standard 10 mile radius. And of course to get away from it all and have fun!

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  • Had a fun day trip with my girl @maryka8therine up to Montauk.  It was a bit chilly and off season (most everything is closed) but we still had a great time!
💡 🏠 🌬 .
#montauk #montauklighthouse #saturdaydrive #lobsterrolls
  • When someone tells you a must place to go...You go! $1 draft beers at Montauks own Liars’ Saloon.  It’s always a good time when me and my BFF @maryka8therine get together! .
#liarssaloonmontauk #longisland #dollardrafts🍻
  • My forever Valentine! 🥰😍 @julian.brunt.186 
#thehubs #mylove❤️
  • I love traveling the world with you.
#walksonthebeach👣 #worldtravel #love #tulummexico #thelusttowander
  • Our Amigos Santos and Miguel.  They always made sure we were taken care of.  One of the best things about travel is the people you meet. 
#tagohotel #tulummexico #amigos #thepeopleyoumeet #thelusttowander
  • All you need to do is eat, drink and relax. Ummm...you don't have to tell me twice.  Cheers!
#unomascerveza #unomasmargarita #excellente #tulummexico #beachday #tagohotel #thelusttowander
  • Rain Rain it's ok, we've found another way...to keep ourselves entertained on this day of rain.
#rainyday #aintnothang #cardsanyone #tulummexico #tagohotel #thelusttowander
  • We learned to do nothing can be everything. .
#quietthemind #justbe #tulummexico #tagohotel #thelusttowander
  • On our last evening in Tulum our Amugo Santos set us up with a very romantic dinner on the beach. 
We ate, danced and were wafted in Mayan incense to bring us prosperity. 
At the beginning of the dinner we saw what had to be a comet or some sort of meteor cross the sky. It had the brightest blue and orange flame tail.
To cap off the evening we were surprised by the $200 bottle of champagne on our bill......so there's that...when in Mexico...lol
Lesson: ask how much the bottle is before they pop the cork...bahahaha!
#vacationfortwo #romanticdinner #love #beachlife #poppinbottles #tulummexico #thelusttowander
  • When the day is not ideal for sunning yourself you start a mad game of Gin Rummy. .
#rainyday #wewillstillplay #fiercecompitition
#tulummexico #thelusttowander
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